Andrews Messy Game

by 22,May,2020Tour

In this previously unreleased show Andrew plays a messy memory game when he came to audition for gungelads!
Andrew thinks he’s got a pretty good memory, so we challenged him to play a game against a machine to see how good it is. The machine show him a sequence of different coloured lights and Andrew just has to repeat it. Of course every time Andrew gets the sequence wrong we are standing by to gunge him! 
Sounds easy eh… So if it’s that easy, why does Andrew end up been covered in several sticky pies, freezing cold custard, Hersheys chocolate sauce (which ends up dribbling into his pants) and lots and lots of gunge. Oh and he also looses his shirt, his pants and his trademark speedos, so watch out for some naughty bits!
Yep Andrews memory is really not that good at all and that’s why he ends up as a sticky mess!