Andys Masterslime

by 3,Jul,2020Tour

Its time for revenge as Andy plays Masterslime, while his mate Louis gets ready to dish out the pies and gunge for every question wrong!
You may remember last month Louis played Masterslime, while his mate Andy dished out the gunge. Well it’s time to turn the table as Andy now faces the same treatment and the yoke is certainly on Andy as he soon finds himself with half a dozen eggs smashed and rubbed into his hair. But worse is to come in the form of smelly baked beans, lots of multicoloured custard and a porridge and golden syrup shampoo.
Louis also doesn’t forget Andys pants and pours a couple of tins of spaghetti into them and then makes Andy his to sit down in a chocolate gateaux which mess the back of his pants up!
Finally can Andy avoid a large bucket of porridge by remembering how many questions he got right? You be pleased to hear Andys memory isn’t that good!