Andys Naughty Gunging

by 31,Jan,2020Tour

Whats this? Andy has been tied inside the gunge tank and has no chance to escape before his massive gunging!
Kitt and Ryan have tied Andy inside the gunge tank and are counting down to the release of 90 litres of thick gooey green guk! Never mind Andy at least you are wearing your yellow jock strap, but not for long as soon after the gunge descends Ryan and Kitt waste no time in removing Andys jock! 
Andy can’t do anything but just sit there as the gunge descends over his naked body covering everything. At the end of the gunging Kitt and Ryan wipe down Andy before deciding to leave him to struggle to get out!
This mega naughty gunging was filmed with three cameras and we’ve included all three cameras separately in super slow motion at the end of the video! Trust us, you won’t miss anything!