Bens Messy Audition

by | 11,Jan,2019 | Featured Show, Tour

New year, new gungelad! Ben just wants to be a gungelad and turned up in some nice footie kit and shorts to get totally trashed!
Ben has been following the show for a while and finally decided to take the plunge and contact us as he really wanted to be a gungelad! We couldn’t say not to this cheeky lad so we started by pieing him with custard, porridge and foam pies.Then came the gunging, custard, porridge and a nice thick bucket of green goo! Of course he wouldn’t be a proper gungelad unless he had slop poured down the front and back of his pants!
Then to finish the experience Ben strips off to just his pants and gets covered again! His pants are bulging with the goo and theres definate signs that he enjoyed himself… which is what it’s all about!
Welcome to gungelads Ben and we hope you can find time to join the rest of the lads in a future shoot!