Bondage pies, slimed pants and stocks

by 9,Aug,2019Tour

Dyan, Matt and Zack battle it out in three messy games which feature bondage, slime down the pants and getting pelted in the stocks!
Round 1 : Pie Buzzers
Zack asks the questions and Matt and Dylan buzz in if they know the answer. Correct answer pie your opponent, incorrect your getting the pie! Of course gungelads never play fair and unbeknown to Matt, Dylan and Zack have done a deal to ensure Matt looses. After receiving several pies, Matt comes up with a unique way of getting his own back so he avoids that reall sticky golden syrup pie!
Round 2 : The Leaky Bowl
Zack and Dylan have 30 seconds each to get as much gunge into the opponents pants as possible… but the catch is the bowl they are using has lots of holes in it. Dylans pants get really filled up so much so that he has to squeeze all the gunge out of them, mmm nice 🙂
Round 3 : Target Practice.
Zack and Dylan get locked in the stocks and get pelted with pies! For every pie that lands directly in the face, Matt puts an egg down their pants! Talking about pants theres also a bit more footage of Dylan and those amazing red pants!