Bradleys Naughty Game

by 25,Dec,2020Tour

Bradley gets his head dunked in green slime and then has to decide wether to gamble his dignity and risk having to endure a mega naked gunging, with the gamble question!
So far Bradley has only managed to score 4 points and thats not going to win him that $50,000 that he really wants. So after failing miserably to remember how many times Master Flan dunked his head in a bucket of green slime, he now has to face a decision.
Does he go for the gamble question? If he looses he has to face a very messy naked gunging with pies in his face, arse and naughty bits!
Plus theres that bowl of thick chocolate to tip over him and Master Flan will also decorate his arse with green slime!
So will Bradley take the gamble? Yes, of course he will!