Callum gets Trashed

by 10,Jan,2020Tour

The master of mess Captain flan is back to introduce new lad Callum to lots of pies and gunge, in his very first gunging on gungelads!
New lad Callum, tries to find the “star prize” in a messy game, where choosing the wrong number means your getting messy! During the game Calum gets covered in lots of custard pies, chocolate sauce, cake mix, cold custard and has a funnel stuffed down the back of his shorts which is filled up with gunge! Then it’s more pies with crust shoved down the back of the shorts and after that poor Callum looses his shirt and gets his chest coated in thick sticky chocolate frosting.
But the gunging isnt over yet and there are still buckets of green, blue and purple gunge just waiting to be tipped over his head and down his shorts!
Will callum find the star prize or will he get even more gunge slopped over him?!