Charlie’s Pick Top or Get Slopped!

by 16,Oct,2020Tour

 When new lad Charlie contacted us and said he wanted to be a gungelad, we invited him along to play a brand new game… get ready it’s Pick Top or Get Slopped!
Time for a brand new lad and a brand new game, Pick Top or Get slopped! The gameshow where our contestant Charlie can win big money or get covered in lot and lots of multicoloured slop 🙂
Charlie is sporting his best singlet, confident he will win the money and not get slopped. Unfortunatley for Charlie things soon get very messy as gallons of slop drop over him for each incorrect answer. And because we know you like to see slop drop over a lad from every angle, we have all of them covered. Theres Tank Cam, Face Cam and dare we say Crotch Cam!
So sit back and enjoy this brand new game.. just remember it’s not just an excuse to get a cute lad in a gunge tank…. honest!