Chocolate Shampoo and Beans

by 3,Apr,2020Tour

Nates wavy hair gets ruined by Feral and Tim get plasted in piesĀ  and baked beans dished out by Pete, welcome to gungelads requests!
From time to time, we get emails asking if we can gunge the lads in a particular way and in this video we carry out some of those request on Nate and Tim. Nate of course is very proud of his hair and spends ages styling that floppy look, which is a real shame as Feral gves his a shampoo with chcocolate batter. Then to add a bit more colour, he adds lots of green gunge and custard…. yep thats a shampoo and a half! Meanwhile Tim gets slattered with strawberry cream pies and then some nasty member asked for him t be covered in lots of cold baked beans!
At the end of the video both lads are a sloppy mess, thanks to all you guys out there!