Four Naked Lads in a Gunge Pool!

by | 9,Nov,2018 | Featured Show, Tour | 0 comments

Captain Flan is back to dare Nicky, Tom, Jonny and Miles to play more messy games this time in a pool of gunge!
Nicky V Tom
Nicky and Tom battle it out to see who can strip their opponents singlet off, leaving the looser naked! To make it harder Miles and Jonny throw in lots of multicoloured gunge from the sidelines as they cheer their team mate on.
Miles V Jonny
Now it Jonny and Miles turn, except this time the object is to get the other jockstrap off and place it over their opponents head! Again their team mates throw gunge from the sidelines , so its easy for the lads to loose their grip and fall into the gunge!
Winners / Loosers
Q. Whats could be better than your team winning the games… A. Getting to gunge the loosers!
To end the games all four lads end up in the pool of gunge and it’s not long before all of them are naked (well apart from Nickys socks lol) and sliding around in the pool of gunge.