Gavins Masterslime

by 30,Oct,2020Tour

Gavin plays our messy quiz masterslime this time presented by Matt… can he get three questions right to win big, or will he be the worst contestant ever!
Time for another game of Masterslime and in this episode Matt asks the questions and Gavin trys to avoid been covered in…
Eggs,Crea, pies in the face, Lots of beans over the head, legs covered in chocolate sauce, Custard, Porrdige, More beans, chocolate sauce and rice pudding.
Gavin also ends up with his pants filled up with yellow goo and we also cover his sexy body in sticky syrup and a bucket of slime!
Matt doesn’t away totally clean though as Gavin does get one or two questions right meaning Matt gets slimed as well.
Plus look out in the slowmo section for a trifle over the head and more gunge over the body through a funnel and more pies… which didn’t make the edit!