Grab My Balls!

by 28,Feb,2020Tour

Joel and Andy battle it out to see who can grab their ball, in a messy game where a bucket of chocolate cake mix awaits the looser!
Yes it’s time for a messy game and in this one Joel and Andy have 90 seconds to grab each other ball! Whoever is holding onto the ball at the end of the 90s is the winner. First Zack covers Andy and Joel in thick green gunge, then Chris throws in more gunge from the sides as the two lads slip and slide trying desperately to hold onto their ball!
The looser is getting a bucket of thick chocolate cake mix over their head… while the winner gets a bucket of custard! Then Joel and Andy decide Zack and Chris are too clean and drag them into the pool and a free for all gunge fight breaks out! Gunge gets slapped everywhere over bodies, down pants and down speedos as the lads enjoy rolling around in the goo!