Gungelads Requests 2020

by 2,Dec,2020Tour

Yes, it’s finally here… Tom, Jonny,Reece, Paul, James & Scott have all put themselves up for gungelads requests!
Its that time when you get to decide how the lads gunge themselves in a brand new season of gungelads requests! Flick through the images and write your comments below as to how you’d like to see these lads gunged!
Please remember because of the current situation, the lads will be filming this remotley in their bathroom, or living room (with lots of plastic)… so try and suggest things that don’t require dropping them into a huge pool of gunge! Also please suggest something for each of the lads… we don’t want any of them to feel left out!
We will keep this post open for at least a week and then we’ll pick the best (and possible) suggestions and get the lads to carry them out!
One things for certain, it’s going to be a very messy Christmas!