Harrys Masterslime

by 25,Sep,2020Tour

Gungelads goes global as Master Flan tracks down gungelad Harry to France and gets him to play our favourite messy Quiz Masterslime!
In our first European gunging, Master Flan is dispatched to France, where he bubbled with Harry for seven days and then got him to play a game of Masterslime! Unfortnatley for Harry most of the questions are on Sport and it’s not long before Harry finds himself covered in custard and cream pies and lots of colourful gunge.
As the game continues, the gunge gets slopped into his pants and he looses his shirt! But things are about to get worse for Harry as he has to drop his pants and have his jock strapped arse covered in pie!
Introduced by Captian Flan, who is quite happy to ask the questions from our nice warm clean studio… while poor Harry gets all the mess!