Harrys Masterslime Part 2

by 9,Oct,2020Tour

Harry continues to play our messy game Masterslime and proves that sport really is his worse subject as he continues to get covered in gunge for every wrong answer!
Harrys back in the second part of our Messy Quiz Masterslime. Poor Harry didn’t do very well in the first part of the quiz, which is the reason why he’s now just sporting a jock! Will he get any questions right?
Master Flan, stands by ready to gunge Harry and fill that jock up to the brim full of gunge!
Harry also has to do a head dunk into a large bowl of blue goo!
As the game goes on Master Flan starts to rub the gunge all over Harrys body… well the two had been bubbling together for quite a while… before the shoot!