James and Pete One on One Part 2

by 18,Sep,2020Tour

It’s part two of James and Pete one on one… and this part has even more gunge!
Pete and James continue to gunge each other with lots of sticky goo and gunge! Pete takes James shirt off and coveres him in chocolate sauce.  James then strips Petes shirt off and covers Pete a golden glow wth lots of golden syrup!
Of course there are other areas the lads have forgotten about and Pete soon picks up a funnel and sticks it down the back of James shorts and fills the funnel to the brim with black goo, that tricles down into James shorts!
Then after a while the lads just abandon the game and just start covering each other in a much goo as possible!
But who gets the rest of the freezing cold custard and gets their shorts filled with rice pudding?!