James First Trashing

by 19,Jul,2019Tour

James is trashed for the first time at gungelads in a mega messy session where he gets covered in pies, food, lot sof green slime and gets his arse covered in cake mix!
Yes it’s time for a mega trashing of James and this was the first time James had turned up at the gungelads studios… and what a lot of mess we had in store for him. Obviously excited to get messy from the start we first slap lots of pies in James face and then cover him in custard. Then it’s time to experience a trifle down the pants, which is rubbed in for good measure, followed by gunge in the pants!
Did we say mega trashing, well we meant it, James then gets covered in lots of green slime and then after he takes his shirt off we coat him in thick hersheys chocolate sauce! Then it’s more custard to add to this sweet treat. But theres one more area that needs covering, his arse! James gets his shorts pulled down and cake mix is spead all over his butt cheeks!
By the end of it James is absolutely covered and that hair is completly trashed, but we know he enjoyed himsef as he’s become one of our regular lads! Heres to you James 🙂