James Messy Mashup

by 21,Feb,2020Tour

New lad James gets messy with pies, gunge, chocolate sauce, more pies in his first gungelads appearance!
James contacted us saying he’d like to join the team, so we invited him to a messy audition and when we say messy we mean very messy! During the audition we trashed James with multiple custard and chocolate cream pies, tipped rice pudding, custard and porridge over his head, dropped a nice cold trifle down his shorts and of course not forgetting to cover him in bright green slime.
But the gunging doesn’t stop there and after removing his shirt we cover James sexy body in lot and lots of chocolate, then to top it all off we¬† add lots and lots of cake mix, ensuring lots of it drop into his pants.Then James rubs all the sweet slop all over his sexy body.
Yep, you can definitely tell he enjoyed his first gunging and we hope you do too!