James Messy Mashup Part 2

by 27,Mar,2020Tour

James is back for part 2 of his Messy mashup and this time, were starting around the back!
We continue to gunge james starting with dumping a load of porridge (oatmeal) down the back of his shorts. Of course you can’t have porridge without treacle so we add a tin of black treacle (mollases) just to make it even messier. Moving back down to the front, James gets a bucket of green gunge over his head and then he takes his shorts off revealing bulging CK’s!
Then thinkgs get really sticky as James receives a large tin of golden syrup over his head. The syrup trickles down his body and into his pants.Then we tip more porrdige over his sexy body and James holds out his pants as they fill up.
But his gunging isn’t quite finished yet and after tipping more chocolate mix, a bucket of green gunge we finish off James gunging with a whole bucket of porridge.
So did James enjoy his gunging, well we think he did judging by the bulge… it’s not just gunge in his pants!