James & Miles Messy Challenge

by 8,May,2020Tour

Captain Flan is back to put Miles and James through some messy challenges in a pool of gunge, that starts (for some reason) with James covering Miles arse in vanilla frosting!
Time to get James and Miles into a pool of gunge as Captan Flan challenges them to a series of messy games. First James covers Miles arse in vanilla frosting and then its time for the lads to paint each other with thick blue gunge.
Then it’s time for a messy grapple with Captain flan throwing in more and more gunge and at this point the lads can’t contain their excitement anymore and start to pull off each other pants and throw gunge all over each other naked bodies!
But who was the winner? Does anyone care! Lets just gunge the lads again and get their naughty bits covered!