James Trashes Wardy

by | 21,Dec,2018 | Featured Show, Tour

Professional model James Benett XXX gets his own back on Wardy in the second part of this messy quiz!
Yes the wait is over, it’s finally here.. the second part of our messy quiz featuring professional model James Benett and our own cheeky gungelad Wardy 🙂
After James fails to find the star prize Wardy finishes James gunging by getting him to strip naked and then covering James in lots of custard pies (including one right in the crotch) and then topping that off with three buckets of slime!
But watch out Wardy, James is after revenge and Wardy is gunna get it big time! James wastes no time in smashing pies in Wardys face, covering his jockstrapped arse in lemon frosting and then topping it off with a buket of green slime. Then it’s time for a traditional roll around in the pool of slime with both lads grapling each other in the slop battling it out to see who can pin who down!
So what has this video to do with Christmas? Not much, but hey there is tinsel in the background!