Jamies Chocolatey Yes No Game

by 13,Jun,2020Tour

Can Jamie avoid saying yes or no for ninety seconds, or will he end up a sticky chocolatey mess!
Time for another lad to play the yes no game, this time Jamie decided to play the game just in his shorts, complete with creamy nipples! 
Jamie is certainly a bit of a cocky lad as he confidently starts to answer the questions, but as time goes on he gets more and more nervous of the cream pies that are hovering just around his face and start to stumble over his answers.
You’ll be pleased to know Jamie fails to manage to win the game and the cocky lad is soon taken down a peg or two. After being pie sandwiched, Ian and Paul use 4 bottles of sticky chocolate sauce to cover every part of his body….. including getting some down his pants!
Jamie just has to sit there and take his punishment…. but his continuing smile makes us think he’s really enjoying it 🙂