Jamies Naked Surprise

by 3,Feb,2019Tour

Jamie thinks he’s going to gunge his m8 Joel as a birthday treat, but we switch it and all the other lads strip Jamie naked and gunge him!
Here at gungelads we like to keep the lads on their toes and it’s become a tradition that we sometimes set up a gungelad to think he’s about to gunge someone else… and then switch it! Jamie gets stripped naked by the rest of his mates and covered in 7.5kg of black treacle (mollases) with cold custard, blue slime, cake mix (as it’s his birthday) and finally a couple of buckets of left over slop thats been sitting in the gungelads studio for a while!
Watch out for sloppy slomos at the end of the video, where you can enjoy the gunging all over again this time taken from the low angle pants camera!