Jock Strap Wrestling James Scott Jamie Miles

by 17,Jan,2020Tour

As the weather gets colder, what better way for our lads to stay warm than a few rounds of messy wrestling…. in jock straps of course!
First Jamie V James prove to us all that they are wearing jockstraps under their PVC shorts by doing a sexy strip tease, down to their jocks. Then its time to grapple while Miles throws in lots of gunge. Unfortunatley for Jamie and James, the jock straps don’t really do their job of keeping their tackle in place and soon things start to poke through!
Then Scott V Miles in the second round, with James tipping in the gunge from the side lines. What starts as wrestling, soon turns into arse spanking as Scot decides to spank Miles arse in the goo. Then the jocks come off and finally James gets pulled in to make the match even more fun.
And don’t worry if you missed anything as we’ve included some slomos from the second camera, so you won’t miss what you looking for!