Jonnys Messy Quiz

by 22,Nov,2019Tour

Tom and Scott dressed in pants and a jockstrap have to answer questions set by Jonny. If they get a questions right then they can choose which part of their opponents body to slop the pies and gunge over! 
The lads can choose from the gungelads trolley, custard pies, custard cartons or some thick pink plunder! The lads also choose where to put the goo, in the face, splat on the naked arse or pour over their crotch!
What we didn’t tell the lads was everything had been put in the fridge, so very very cold. Despite the cold goo, it looks like the lads “rose to the occasion” as they gleefully rub in handfuls of gunge to each other nether regions!
Question is, can it get any messier? Answer : Yes as part two of this messy quiz is coming next week!