Karl gets Trashed

by 7,Aug,2020Tour

Karl thinks he’s going to play a game, for his audition, but we just decide to trash him in his football kit instead!
When footie lad Karl turned up for his first Audition he was surprised to see how much gunge we had made up just for him! Karl soon find himself pelted with custard and foam pies, decorated in strawberry sauce and wearing a trifle on his head!
But the gunging doesn’t stop there as we push a funnel down his shorts and fill them up with lots of green slime. The we do the same round the back of his shorts and also fill them with porridge!
Then Karl takes of his shirt and we pour a bucket of thick chocolate cake mix all over him… and follow it up with more porridge!
But the question remains… is Karl sticky enough, we didn’t think he was… so we coated his body and head in thick black treacle (mollases) 
So did Karl enjoy his gunging….well judging by the state of his shorts he did!