Kitts massive Tanking

by 24,Apr,2020Tour

Kitts gets a massive gunging in the tank from Andy & Ryan, with a lot of the slop ending up in his singlet!
How do you get a gungelad clean, you fill the tank with water and give them a nice shower. Well thats what Kitt thought Andy and Ryan had done. Of course you can never trust a gungelad as Kitt finds out when instead of a nice warm shower of water cascading out of the tank, he finds himself getting covered in gallons of green slime!
Yep, Ryan and Andy had “accidentally” filled the tank with green gunge, instead of water!
As the gunge descends on Kitt, the lads open the top of his singlet and soon his singlet is bulging with gunge…. and that not the only thing that is bulging! Then the lads decide Kitt isn’t messy enough and as Ryan massages the gunge into Kitts singlet, Andy fills the bucket with more gunge and throws it straight in Kitts face!
This video also includes slomotion of all three angles of the gunging, so you enjoy it all over again whether you prefer to watch Kitts expression or the bulge in his crotch!