Louis Masterslime

by 5,Jun,2020Tour

When uni student Louis contacted us and said he wanted to do something very silly and messy to celebrate his graduation, we invited him along to play “Masterslime”.
How do you celebrate graduating from university? Well Louis wanted to do something “silly and messy”, before heading off into the world of work! So we invited him along to play our messy quiz Masterslime and he brought his mate Andy to gunge him every time he got a question wrong!
Andy is armed with lots of multicoloured custard pies, some rather smelly beans, tins of custard and a large bucket of  porridge. Plus Louis has to drop his jeans and get his white boxers covered in lots and lots of chocolate sauce!
So how many questions will Louis get right, well we may have made a slight mistake with the scoreboard… but at least Louis got messy!