MasterSlime U.S.A – Bradley the Brat

by 4,Dec,2020Tour

We take our socially distanced cameras to New York to challenge college graduate Bradley to win big or get creamed!
Bradley is a bit of a brat, he recently graduated and he’s got himself a nice posh appartment in New York…. but he wants more and so he agreed to play MasterSlime and win a possible $50,000.
Of course what we didn’t tell bradley is
  1. Everytime he got a question wrong he’d be hit in the face with a cream pie!
  2. To win more points, he had to get marshmallows out of a large bowl of chocolate sauce….. with his BARE FEET!
  3. Some of the questions are trick questions…. designed to catch out the over confident guy…. who really needs taking down a peg or two.  🙂
Dishing out the gunge is MasterFlan, who kindly bubbled with Bradley while he made up loads and loads of cream pies and sloppy gunge!
And yes, for all you pie fans out there all the pies are American Style, with real Graham Cracker crusts and lots of pudding and Cool Whip!