Messy Balls

by 31,May,2019Tour

Three lads take turns to pick numbered balls out of a bucket of goo. The lowest number will get a gungy penalty from the other two!
Pete is dressed in scally kit, complete with cap, Ian is sporting rugby kit and finally feral has decided to be casual in shirt and jeans. Lots of custard and strawberry cream pies, chocolate sauce, eggs, custard, trifle, beans and buckets of thick blue and green slime are just waiting to ruin the lads kit!
Then the lads shirts come off as more gunge is pasted over their bodies as the game turns into a free for all. Pete discovers feral is wearing rather embarrassing pants and strips off ferals jeans as Ian pours the gunge over feral.
Then it’s a free for all as gunge flies everywhere and the lads smash the remaining pies over each other!