Messy Fun Wrestling

by 26,Jun,2020Tour

Karl and Chris battle it out to avoid having their head dunked repeatedly into a bucket of white mystery goo!
Time for a wrestle and it’s high stakes here as Chris takes on Karl, with the looser set to to have their head dunked repeatedly in a bucket of thick white mystery goo! Of course as this is gungelads Paul, David and Adam help out by throwing lots and lots of gunge in from the sidelines.
So what does the winner get, more gunge of course namely a large bucket of blue gunge… with a lot of it ending up in their pants.
Then in true gungelads style, Chris and Karl get their own back on Adam, Paul and David. Lots of pants filling and messy wedgies follow with Chris loosing his pants for a bit and talking about pants just when you thought it was all over Paul gets his pants whipped off by Adam! Oooh… naughty!