Messy Rugby Training

by 15,May,2020Tour0 comments

Back when you could play team contact sports, the lads met up for a spot of messy rugby training…get ready to scum down!
Pete, Feral, Alan and Gav scrumdown as coach Ian, tries to toughen the soft lads up, with a series of exercises. Rugby is played in all weathers and to simulate this Ian has brought along, buckets of gunge to throw over the lads while they are training! And to ensure the lads do as they are told , Ian has also got a large soda syphon ready to squirt at any of the lads if they are misbehaving!
Of course the lads get fed up of having freeing cold water sprayed in their faces and decide to get their own back on Ian and a free for all breaks out with more buckets of blue and black gunge been thrown in. By the end of the training session, the lads kit is wrecked!