Messy Team Photo

by 13,Mar,2020Tour

The gungelads turn out in their best sports kits for a team photo, unfortunately someone has left lots of pies, food and gunge in the same room… whatever could happen next!
Alan, James, Feral, Ben, Gav and Nicky all assemble for a gungelads team photo. They all wear their best sports kit for this occasion, but one of the lads has carelessly left lots of pies, food and gunge lying around in the same room.
Gungelads will be gungelads and it’s not long before they start to use the left overs to gunge each other. Ben gets a rice pudding and chocolate sauce shower, Alan gets his compression gear covered in blue slime and poor Nicky gets black treacle and his all time favourite baked beans! 
As more of the lads get messy, they realise that a certain chav is still clean and take their revenge on gav!