Miles “accidental” tanking

by 19,Jun,2020Tour

When Miles takes a break from filming he decides to sit down in the gunge tank… oh no what could happen next!
Wearing his best t-shirt and jeans, Miles decides to take a break and sit down directly underneath a fully loaded gunge tank! Unfortunately for Miles he “accidentally” triggers the gunge tank mechanism and the timer starts to countdown to the release of 80 + litres of multicoloured gunge!
Will Miles get out of his seat and avoid the mega gunging before the timer runs out? No of course he won’t, he is after all a gungelad and any opportunity to get messy is not to be missed!
Miles just sits there as the multicoloured goo drops over him, covering his face and all of his new kit. He loves it so much, he opens his t-shirt and lets the gunge pour inside.Yes we think Miles knew exactly what he was doing when he sat under the gunge tank and judging by the way he rubs the gunge all over himself, it’s almost like he planned this gunging!
Luckily all three cameras were rolling, so you can watch Miles get gunged again and again and again!