Miles Messy Quiz – Part 1

by 16,Aug,2019Tour

Miles plays a messy quiz where he tries to find the star prize but instead only finds himself covered in more slop by Chris!
Yes it’s time for another Star Prize quiz show and this time Miles is the one getting the messy treatment from Chris. Dressed in a very tight designer t-shirt and boxers Miles tries to find the star prize but well,,,, basically fails!
Instead Miles gets covered in ten foam pies, smashed into his face, chest and back of his boxers, he has to bend over the stool while Chris fills up his boxers with two jugs of green gunge , gets covered in a bucket of rice pudding, chocolate sauce, sloppy cake mix, two cartons of custard, four custard cream pies and an chocolate pie sandwhich.. oh and he also looses his shirt at somepoint too!
And this is only part1!!!!! Will Miles find the star prize… well we won’t keep you in suspense for long as part 2 is coming in a couple of days!