Miles Messy Quiz – Part 2

by 18,Aug,2019Tour

Miles gets more slop thrown on him in the second part of his messy quiz game, but Chis needs to watch out because revenge is coming!
Yes it’s part 2 of this messy quiz show, can Miles find the star prize or will he have to
Sit on a large cream flan, get decorated with squirty cream, have two trifles down the back and front of your pants mixed in by Chris, get painted from head to toe in thick green gunge and get his head dunked several times into SERIOUSLY THICK yellow gunge!
But this time Miles has a chance to get his own back on Chris who finds his head dunked into yellow gunge, has his shirt stripped off him and then coated in lots of thick green gunge. As you can see Chris is not happy about getting messy and sets about covering Miles with even more gunge as the goo ends up down boths lads pants and jeans and the two end up a sticky mess!