More Messy Games-Nicky ,Dylan Scott and Tom

by 12,Sep,2019Tour

Dylan, Tom, Scott and Nicky get even more messy in games that feature handcuffs, singlets and loads of slimy balls!
Cuff em and Gunge Em :Dylan and Scott are handcuffed and tied together. In front of them is eight cups, some contain questions so they can avoid the gunge and get their opponent messy, the rest contain nothing at all meaning who ever picks them is getting messy. Tom and Nicky hand out the forfeits which consist of thick black treacle (mollasses), rancid rice pudding, a bucket of chocolate and a bucket of green slime (with some been deposited down the lads shorts). One cup contains the key, releasing that gungelad from the rest of the mess!
Slippery Singlets :In their teams the lads have to put on their singlets which have been dipped in silme…. easy you may think… but theres a catch… they are blindfolded! The opposing team try and put off their opponents by throwing lots of gunge at them! Quickest team to get their singlets on are the winners.
Gungey Balls, Penalty & Strip to Pants Wrestling! : In the final game the lads have to stuff lots of balls down each others singlets, but before that we make sure they have lots of gunge in their singlets, hence gungey balls! The winners are the team that have the most balls! The loosers get cooled down with cold trifles! Then in traditional gungelads style the lads throw the rest of the gunge over each other and then decide the singlets need to come off, leading to a messy foursome wrestle in just pants!