Name that Gunge!

by 14,Nov,2018Tour

Stripped to just their shorts Jamie and Jonny have to guess what gunge is been poured over them while blindfolded with a couple of old socks!
Paul and Alan take turns to tip buckets of disgusting food slop all over the two lads, making sure they get plenty into their shorts! Yes disgusting is the word to describe this asĀ  the lads get racid rice pudding, chocolate oatmeal, sloppy mashed potatoes, thick porridge and (a gungelads favourite) Baked beans tipped all over them.
Of course when you covered in that much slop, you may as well give some back to your opponent and that exactly what Jamie and Jonny do scooping up handfulls from the floor and shoving it down each others shorts!
Watch out for bulges… question is is that just the food or something else?!