Naughty Bucket Dump

by 20,Mar,2020Tour

New lad David plays a very messy game with Steven, Danny, Dave and Paul in his first appearance on gungelads!
Yes it’s time to introduce a new lad to gungelads and what better way to do this than playing one of our favourite games, bucket dump! Paul has mixed up seven buckets of glorious goo… but three of the buckets have really horrible smelly gunge in them! The winner is the team who manages to avoid most of the horrible slop!
The lads are split into teams with new lad David teaming up with Dave and Steven teaming up with Danny. Each team has to pick a bucket to tip over the opposing team!
But as this is a “naughty video” the teams soon discover that buckets can be tipped down the pants and also get slopped over their jockstrapped arses!