Naughty Foamy Fun

by 17,Jul,2020Tour

Alex and Alan get into a lather with loads of multicoloured foam pies getting slapped in their face, arse and other naughty bits!
Pre lockdown Alex and Alan got together a had a huge foam pie fight and we were there to film it. Alex wears his favourite “Addicted” jock strap while Alan wears some sexy black compression gear. The lads start off by pieing each other in the face, but soon move onto more naughty areas as the foam pie fight escalates. 
Alan pulls down Alexs jock and pies his naughty bits and then pushes Alex onto the floor and slaps loads of foam over Alex arse. The shirts come off and the lads enjoy covering each other bodies in lots of foam. Finally they hug it out in to end their foamy fun!
But the question is will you be “Addicted” to this video as we were to Alexs jockstrap!