Naughty Workies

by 23,Dec,2019Tour

On a cold winters night, two workmen (Alan and Alex) keep warm by getting messy with gunge and then playing with each other!
How do you keep warm on a building site in winter, easy.. you ask you m8 to gunge you! First get him to fill up your riggers with gunge and then put your feet in them, then liberally apply lots of gunge all over each other. Next get him to drop his trousers and pour lots of gunge into his pants and massage in well.
Now your a bit warmer, rip his shirt off and cover the rest of his body in lots of sloppy gunge. Now continue to rub in the gunge all over the face, chest and not forgetting his private parts. Finally to ensure he stays warm fill up his hard hat and get him to put it over his head. 
Follow this procedure and you should both stay warm throughout the cold winters night!