Naughty Wrestling – Kitt and Andrew

by 15,Nov,2019Tour

Andrew and Kitt get down and dirty in a messy wrestling match that gets a bit naughty as Andrews singlet comes off!
Yes it’s time for another messy wrestling match, this time between Kitt and Andrew. Both lads first get covered in freezing cold green gloopy gunge and then the battle commences. Not adverse to fighting dirty Andrew grabs Kitt and dunks his head in a bucket of gunge!
But Kitt isn’t putting up with that and wrestles Andrews singlet off him and the two lads then slide all over each other as we fire in more gunge from the side.
Who will come out victorious, or to put it another way… who will Top and who will end up as the bottom!
Well we did say it got a bit naughty and to prove it, we’ve added lots of slomos so you can watch where the hands go 🙂