New Lad Rhys Gets Pied and Slimed!

by 11,Aug,2018Tour

New lad Rhys Mega Slop Yes No Game!

If you’ve been following gungelads you’ll know that all new lads have to play the yes no game where they have to avoid saying yes or no for 90 seconds. Failure means they get splattered with pies and slime.But we thought we would ramp it up a bit and make this a Mega Slopping for Rhys! If he fails then he’s gunna get pied and then slimed with buckets of thick pink cake mix, lots of custard, strawberry jelly, yellow, green & red slime, loose his shirt and get a bucket of purple slime poured over him. Theres so much gunge it filled the pool! So the lads decide it would be a shame to waste that gunge and drop Rhys into the messy slop face first!Oh and did we mention Rhys is wearing a pink jock strap, which the lads make sure gets filled up!