New Year Gunging Tips

by 1,Jan,2020Tour

Nicky gets the new year off to a messy start by sharing his best gunging tips, but the lads have other ideas!
Happy new year to you all and in this show NIcky shows Matt and Scott how to gunge properly, first with pies and food and later with gunge. By the end of the demonstration the lads are fed up of Nicky and so decide to tie his hands together with tape and get their own back. It all end in some messy grappling in the pool of gunge and lots of gunge wedgies!
Plus Scott show us how much he likes getting covered in baked beans and we show you how to wake our lads up after a night out partying. Cue the buckets of water!
On behalf of all the lads and the gungelads producers, thank you for supporting this site in 2019 and we all hope you have a great new year and a messy 2020!