Phil and Pete trash Feral and Will

by 31,Jul,2020Tour

Phil and Pete trash Will and Feral in an effort to find out which supermarket is the best to get your gunge supplies from.
Unsure where to buy your gunge supplies from, not to worry becuase our maestro of gunging Phil is here with his mate Pete to guide you.First Phil tests different types of foam on Feral and Will and then after the lads are all foamy he moves onto strawberry cheese cake pies and not forgetting custard pies.
Then Phil tests out eggs as Pete helps him cover Will and Feral in a dozen large eggs smashed and massaged into their hair.
But he’s not finished yet and after commanding the lads to remoce their shirts, he sets about to cover them in lots of multi coloured slime. Finally¬† there one region he’s forget… yes it time to drop some lovely blue gunge down both of the lads pants!