Phil gunges Scally Ste

by 10,Jul,2020Tour

Scally ste gets his first gunging by gunge master Phil in a classic slapstick session which sees Ste getting covered in pies, gunge, syrup, porrdidge and more!
Time to re-introduce a gunge legend.  Philip was one of the first gungelads and in this show he shows off why he’s a legend by trashing his m8  Scally Ste. Scally turned up in his best football shirt and trackies only to find Phil ready to trash him with cream pies, gunge, syrup, black treacle, porridge and more nasty food gunge!
Then Scally gets told to strip to his boxers and Phil fills them up with more gunge! But Scally is not quite as thick as Phil thinks and soon Phil finds the tables turned as he gets pied, pasted with gunge and has his boxers filled up!
Revenge is indeed sweet!