Pies and Gunge Fight!

by 29,May,2020Tour

When the producer leaves Zack and Mark in charge of loads of pies and gunge while he takes a phone call, mayhem breaks out!
Mark and Zack are left in charge of several buckets of gunge and 21 multicoloured pies, while the producer takes a phone call. Big mistake! The lads try and resist the urge to get messy but soon they can’t contain their excitement and pick up the pies. Knowing they will be in big trouble if they start to throw the pies. they first pretend to pie each other… but it’s not long before Zack pies Mark and that triggers a full on messy fight!
Pies and gunge fly through the air and soon mark is on his knees in the slop as Zack pours a bucket of gunge over his head and Mark retaliates by pouring a bucket down Zacks trackies. Then the shirts get dragged off each lad and the messy fight continues.
But what will the producer say when he gets back, these lads are going to be in big trouble!