Pies and Slime for Stooge Dylan

by 29,Oct,2018Tour

Matt and Nicky cover Dylan in loads of pies and slime in an attempt to find a new way to throw pies and gunge!
In a classic gungelads sketch Dylan plays the stooge and has to endure getting covered in loads and pies and slime while just wearing a t-shirt and briefs! Matt and Nicky are experimenting to find a new way to pie and gunge “lads”. Dylan gets plastered in multiple pies, in his face, chest and not forgetting a nice chocolate pie sandwhich on the back of his undies! Then the lads cover Dylan in REALLY THICK custard,  fill up his pants with gunge and sit him on a cream flan.
Dylan just has to sit there and take whats given to him, like a good gunge stooge should do!
This scene also features some Sloppy Slomos of all the best bits of the trashing (from the wide shot), so you can watch all the pies and gunge slide off Dylans sexy body!