Psychic Gunging & Jock Strap Wrestling

by 30,Aug,2019Tour

Nicky and Jonny try to guess which colour gunge will be tipped over them while blindfolded…. then Nicky shows off his jockstrap while wrestling!
Are our gungelads psychic? To test this we asked Mark to blindfold Nicky and Jonny and then get them to guess which colour gunge would be tipped over them. Guess right and the gunge gets slopped over your opponent, guess wrong then the gunge is on you!
Jonny does really well, but despite this ends up getting covered in chocolate sauce, sticky golden syrup and lots of multicoloured slime! As Jonny was cleary the winner he decides to wrestle Nicky in the slop. Nicky seems more worried about his tackle popping out than trying to win the match!
To be fair the lad does puts up a good fight, but mostly ends up face down in the slop with Jonny on top of him!