Rumble in the Pool

by 23,Oct,2020Tour

We look back to one of our biggest messy wrestling match ever, featuring 7 lads all in a pool of slime!
Nicky, Alan and Feral take on James, Ben and Gav in a tag team messy wrestling match under the watchful eye of referee Geoff. First Nicky grapples Ben with lots of green gunge been thrown over them until there a tag and James enters the ring along with lots of blue gunge. As the match goes on more lads wrestle in the pool, until Geoff stops the match because of foul play from Gav.
This results in a penalty been awarded agaist Gav, which mean Gav has to turn round and get a large funnel stuffed down his shorts and having lots of gunge poured into it!
As the match continues, a gunge fight starts between the other lads not in the pool and soon leads to all of the lads jumping into the pool and rolling around in the slime. Geoff trys to halt the match, but the lads just pull him in as well.
Hopefully one day we will be able to get back to this, but for now we hope you enjoy this classic wrestling match.